Make Your Home Shine

We’ve done our homework. You need to seriously make your home shine from the minute you open your door to prospective buyers. When it comes to marketing your home to achieve a successful sale, Kelli Lovell is a trusted authority for Kawartha Lakes Home Sellers, providing them with helpful ideas to turn ordinary houses into beautiful homes.

Kellis’ Home Merchandising System combines that valuable information with the real estate expertise trusted Home Staging Parners to help you enhance the value of your home and make it stand out in the eyes of prospective buyers.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, KawarthaKelli & Company can make your home shine so that it looks its very best and stands apart from others on the market. Since your home is in competition with comparable homes in the same price range, it’s important to merchandise your home before it’s marketed.

It’s our experience that today’s sophisticated buyers look for homes that are clean, clutter-free and well maintained – well-merchandised homes that they can move into comfortably and as effortlessly as possible. Put our Team to work for you! You’ll discover low-cost, high-returns projects that can significantly improve the perceived value of your home. We’ll show you how you can effectively merchandise your home by spending a little or a lot – perhaps the best investment you’ll ever make.

Merchandising vs. marketing 

Marketing includes all of the advertising and promotional tools that KawarthaKelli & Company will use to attract prospective buyers to your home. Merchandising, on the other hand, refers to the preliminary work you do to get your house ready for sale so that it’s the most appealing prospective home buyers.
In other words, merchandising is an important pre-marketing step to preparing your home for sale. With it, we can help you enhance your home from the buyer’s perspective. And we’ll take advantage of your well merchandised home by implementing our proven Selling System to help sell it quickly, easily and at the best possible price.

Look at your home as a buyer 

As you prepare to sell your home, shift your perspective: Look at it with critical eye of a buyer. Only by looking at your home objectively can you see what prospective buyers see. And keep in mind that there is a difference in how you live in your home and how it should look when it’s for sale or being shown.
The first step toward merchandising your home is to put on your buyer’s hat and take an inspection tour-inside and out. Our complimentary Home Merchandising Analysis will help you see your home from a buyers prospective, identifying any areas that may require minor repairs, general fix-ups or selective improvements. Contact Kelli for your Home Merchandising Analysis.

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