Homebuyer ‘Honey-Do’ List

For most of us buying a home is the most significant investment of our lives. Historical data shows us that purchasing a home is a sound long-term financial investment. However, homebuyers – especially first-time buyers — are often anxious when it comes time to making what could be the largest purchase in their life. Here’s a simple Home Buyer ‘Honey-Do” List to make the process easier for everyone dreaming of homeownership.
Welcome to the Homebuyer ‘Honey-Do’ List:

  • DO use free online tools. Check out realtor.ca, the site offers a way to compare average housing costs in every market across Canada. 
  • DO review your credit score. A sound financial track record and solid credit score can help secure a loan with lower interest rates. Check records early to avoid missteps.
  • DO get mortgage pre-approval. Get it early to help others involved with your purchase know you are serious about home ownership.
  • DO line up an “all-star” team of professionals. Experienced professionals are key to making your home buying experience seamless. Interview Local Real Estate professionals who you “connect” with, they’ll help with lawyers, lenders, inspectors and others who play a role in the process. 
  • DO anticipate your future needs and buy for lifestyle. How long will you live in your next home? Survey says 3.5 year on average. What may be a perfect starter home today might not work when children arrive.
  • DO drill down on housing priorities. Your dream home may have a porch, a pool and four baths but before you start looking make sure you know the “must-haves” from the “nice to haves,” stay on budget!

Wondering about the “Oh No Honey-Don’t” list?  Stay tuned or better yet, contact me to learn more. Thanks for reading The Home Buyer ‘Honey-Do’ List, feel free to share this article with the List Lover in your life.