Freshen up your kitchen Helpful Hints & Selling Tips

Clean and clutter-free 

A bright kitchen with gleaming countertops, appliances and floors is attractive to buyers so before going to market is the perfect time to clean cupboards and drawers. While you’re at it pare down the contents, toss out or donate unused and worn items, doing so will make your kitchen storage areas seem more spacious and make your move easier.
Look at your appliances with a critical eye. Are they are clean, odor-free and in good working condition?
Clear countertops of extras such as the toaster and coffee maker and store small appliances out of sight for a less-cluttered look. Rid countertops of stains and polish them until they sparkle.
Be sure your sink is well-scrubbed and all dishes are clean and put away, this is a super easy way to freshen up your kitchen.
Wood cabinet fronts may appear dingy so a quick wash with an all-purpose cleaner to remove dirt and grease residue will do them a world of good.

Adequate storage is a must

When clearing countertops don’t just stash things inside cupboards and drawers, prospective buyers will want to check out storage in those areas. They want to envision their belongings fitting into this kitchen.
Maximize storage possibilities by customizing your storage areas. Use these suggestions or come up with your own ideas.
· Use cutlery trays in drawers to hold utensils or to organize “junk” drawers.
· Add wire baskets or pull-out racks to cupboards for cans or pots and pans
· Install lid holders on the inside of cabinet doors for lightweight items.
· Store spices in wire racks attached to the interior of cabinet doors or in drawers equipped with stair-step spice racks.

Everyone Loves bright kitchens

Light and bright kitchens make a favorable first impression on prospective home buyers. If your kitchen has lots of windows and natural light you’re in the clear, if not let’s freshen up your kitchen with adequate lighting.
Paint the walls in neutrals such as white, off white, beige or light gray appeal to the majority of buyers and those cabinets need a light look too. Painting with a bright semi-gloss enamel gives dark cabinets a fresh look. You can make cabinets look lighter by washing them with an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of dirt build-up.
Open up windows. If you have small windows don’t hide them behind dark window treatments. Simple, airy curtains allow natural light to enter the room.
Brighten up your lighting by using the highest wattage light bulb your fixtures can safely handle, adding under cabinet lighting to shed light on work areas. Installing mirrors on the backsplash adds light and makes your kitchen appear larger. As a final bright touch, add fragrance and colour with a floral arrangement or bowl of fresh fruit.

Little extras count big

When potential buyers are comparing your home to others you want them to remember your home as something special, sometimes it’s the inexpensive touches that buyers notice. To add pizzazz to your kitchen:
· Add new knobs and pulls
· Install new light- switch covers
· Update light fixtures
· Update a sink in good condition by installing a new faucet

And more… 

Since the kitchen is one of the major selling features of your home you need to look at this area from a buyer’s perspective and determine the potential payback of any more major remodelling projects. Rather than a major remodel consider these options:
· Reface cabinets to add life without expense of installing new cabinets
· Flooring fixes can include painting vinyl to refurbishing wood floors. If you must go new, installing vinyl may be the most economical option.
· If your countertops have seen better days, consider repainting with specially-made paint products. Or if you plan to install new countertops, use granite or marble tiles or laminate look-alikes for a less expensive option.
· Have appliances repainted rather than replacing them if they are in good condition.
· Give your kitchen sink a new lease on life by having it re-enameled.
Remember to keep all kitchen fixes neutral and basic.


Merchandising tips 

  • Remove magnets, pictures and other works of art from the refrigerator
  • Fix that leaky faucet
  • Put a bowl of fresh fruit on the table or countertop
  • Hang your best kitchen towels
  • Mop floor and baseboards
  • Before a showing, steep cinnamon sticks in hot water or bake cookies
  • Wash windows and window coverings
  • Put away all food, wash dishes in the dishwasher and wipe out the sink
  • Clean your stove and oven
  • Tighten loose hardware on cabinets and drawers
  • Clear away all clutter from countertops, shelves and tables
  • Eliminate cooking odours by steeping a piece of lemon

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